Society of Island Biology

The Society of Island Biology (SIB) (hereafter, SIB) is a non-profit association constituted under the Spanish Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March, which regulates the
right of association, and complementary rules, with legal personality and full actuation capacity.

SIB is an international, non-profit, independent association that has been created for the promotion of the knowledge, scientific research and public outreach concerning the Biodiversity, Biogeography, Evolution, Ecology, Conservation, Environmental Education and Ecological Restoration, and about both terrestrial and marine insular populations, species, communities and ecosystems.

Main Goals

a) Promote cooperation and knowledge integration among scientists working on different taxa and island systems, so that they may collaborate in the future and develop joint research projects.

b) Promote communication among specialists in Island Biology, government administrations, the private sector, and environmental NGOs.

c) Provide a recognizable voice to the collective of world island scientists so that they can be heard in those forums where decisions concerning the biodiversity

of islands and archipelagos are taken.

d) Advocate for the conservation of the biodiversity of islands in all those ambits where its survival may be in peril.

e) Increase the interest and promote citizens’ knowledge about island biology.


For achieving these goals SIB will develop the following activities:

a) Promote the organization of meetings, congresses, symposia, and workshops, and publish books, journals, and other documents, relevant to the disciplines

embraced by Island Biology.

b) Create and give awards to scientists that have substantially contributed to the advancement of our knowledge of Island Biology.

c) Promote career opportunities for young island biologists, creating the conditions for making possible their participation in meetings, visiting relevant

research centers, and any other activity that enhances their education and career development.

d) Promote the joint organization of activities with other associations with similar thematic ambit.

e) Encourage the incorporation of new members.

f) Undertake whatever other actuations that are considered to promote Island