Upcoming SIB conference!! Island Biology 2019, La Réunion Island, France (link)

The Society for Island Biology (SIB) is the international society for island biologists.

Island Biology stands for the ecology, evolution, conservation, biogeography, macroecology, and paleoecology of all types of islands in the ocean and involving all groups of organisms. It also encompasses the interface of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and is based on a thorough understanding of geophysical factors.

SIB aims to foster the following activities:

  1. Enabling networking and knowledge sharing among experts (both academic and non-academic) on all aspects of island biology

  2. Integration of field studies and theory across different research fields

  3. Strong partnerships of island biologists with social sciences and humanities, practitioners, and policy-makers

  4. Promoting urgent conservation action and sustainable development on islands

  5. Organisation of a regular series of international island biology conferences

  6. Maintaining a list-server (Islands-L)

  7. Training the next generation of island biologists

  8. Assisting in the documentation and sharing of biological information from islands around the world

SIB is a non-profit organisation led by its board.


Welcome to the Society for Island Biology (SIB)